Special Topics in Bioprocesses

Credits: 6

Responsible: Prof. PhD. Reinaldo Gaspar Bastos; Prof. PhD. Mariana Altenhofen da Silva; Prof. PhD. Sandra Regina Ceccato Antonini

Summary: Introduction to bioprocesses. Fermentation and enzymatic processes. Enzymatic kinetics and microbial kinetics. Upstream Unit operations (Thermal treatment and inoculum propagation). Stirring and mixing in bioreactors. Oxygen transfer. Purification of bioproducts (Downstream). Quality control in bioprocesses. Bioprocesses associated with plant production. The subject aims to present the most important concepts in Bioprocesses to students beginning the master’s program so that they have an overview of the bioprocess in its various stages. Bioprocess issues associated with plant production are also addressed to integrate the area of plant production with bioprocesses.