Most dissertations are written in Portuguese with an English abstract. Dissertations written entirely in English are marked with an asterisk.

The date inside the parentheses refers to the defense date of the dissertation.

1- Ana Carolina Costa Arantes: Organic maize intercropped with perennial green manures: yield, nutrition and suppressing weedsem  (07/06/2016)

2- Thaís Helena Villa Michielin: Citrus hybrids reaction to inoculation with A. alternata and genetic studies associated (17/06/2016)

3- Fernanda Zatti Barreto: Phenotypic and molecular characterization of the Brazilian
panel of sugarcane genotypes

4- Larissa Chariel Domingos da Silva: Bioprospection of yeast and bacteria isolates from oral secretion of field-collected Diatraea saccharalis (Fabricius, 1794) (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) antagonic to Fusarium verticillioides (Nirenberg, 1976) and Colletotrichum falcatum (Went, 1893) (28/06/2016)

5- Tatiane de Fátima Mistura: Factors affecting success and longevity of resistant varieties to control sugarcane rusts (29/06/2016)

6- Michelle dos Santos Cordeiro Perna: Effect of the acetic acid on the growth and fermentation of the yeast Meyerozyma guilliermondii (26/08/2016)

7- Thaís Borges de Oliveira: IAA-producing and P-solubilizing yeasts aiming tomato growth promotion (26/08/2016)

8- Kelly Aparecida Fernandes de Campos: QTL mapping associated with resistance to Alternaria alternata in Citrus hybrids (29/08/2016)

9- Bianca Rocha Silveira: QTL mapping for resistance to Sporisorium scitamineum in population bi-parental of sugarcane (24/11/2016)

10- Bruna Cavinatti Martin: Cultivars performance and physiological potential of corn produced in organic system (31/03/2017)

11- Tiago José Leme de Lima: Performance of lettuce seedlings produced in different volumes of cells in trays and grown in hydroponic system (05/04/2017)

12- Marcelo Augusto de Souza Costa: Effect of the fermentation system, the addition of ethanol to the acid treatment and the contamination by Lactobacillus sp on the ethanol production (10/04/2017)

13- Anna Lívia Paraluppi: Utilization of potassium metabisulphite in the ethanolic fermentation process to control the growth of contaminant yeast and bacteria (11/04/2017)

14- Danilo Sidney Mattos: Sugarcane managements and varieties on the composition of the alembic cachaça vinasse (27/04/2017)

15- Jéssica Albertini: Production of in vitro indol acetic acid by Torulaspora globosa (02/05/2017)

16- Renata Kühl Rocha: In vitro solubilization of phosphate by Torulaspora globosa (02/05/2017)

17- Danielle de Oliveira: Detection of Leifsonia xyli subsp. xyli in presprouted seedcane (29/06/2017)

18- Amanda de Carvalho Bernardi: Optimization of parameters for CRISPR/CAS9 genome editing in Citrus (31/08/2017)

19- Lucas Smith Pimenta: Aluminium stress in sugarcane cultivars: root growth and activity of antioxidant enzymes (01/09/2017)

20- Tatiany Aparecida Teixeira Soratto: Mapping of QTLS and EQTLS associated to reaction to "Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus" in Poncirus trifoliata, Citrus sunki and hybrids (01/09/2017)

21- Jessica Camargo Foschini: Formation of active germplasm bank, selection of access and vegetative propagation of Bougainvillea (04/09/2017)

22- Dayane Vanessa Morais: Phycocyanin production by Aphanothece microscopica Nägeli from sugarcane vinasse (26/02/2018)

23- Geise Cristina de Jesus: Development of polymeric alginate and pectin matrices for the cultivation of immobilized cells of Desmodesmus subspicatus in sugarcane vinasse (28/02/2018)

24- Luana Ferreira Marchi: Prunning and thinning of the pepper for production and fruit quality (28/03/2018)

25- Lincon Felipe Lima Silva: Production of volatile phenols by strains of Dekkera bruxellensis isolated from the ethanolic fermentation and effects on an industrial strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (02/05/2018)

26- Cesar Augusto Zanello: In vitro micropropagation of orchid Phalaenopsis by inflorescence segments and somatic embryogenesis (25/05/2018)

27- Willian Naves Duarte: Seed germination of Rubus sellowii and micropropagation of Morus nigra (28/05/2018)

28- Silvia Raquel Bettani: Development and characterization of biopolymers and vinasse based particles added with microalgae biomass for use as fertilizer (29/06/2018)

29- Paloma Garcia Cabrini: Growth promotion of lettuce varieties by rhizosphere yeast Torulaspora globosa (22/08/2018)

30- Gabriela Estefano Saraiva Leme: Studying three way interaction under generalized sites regression model and also repetibility coefficient in sugarcane final assessment trials (23/08/2018)

31- Jean Rafael da Cruz Maciel: Silicon application in soil and resistance of corn hybrids to Diabrotica speciosa (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) (27/08/2018)

32- Isabella Carvalho Tanganini: Extraction of chitosan from shrimp waste and its effect on bioethanol yeasts (18/01/2019)

33- Leila Bonfanti: Nutrition and nitrogen availability in organic maize intercropped with different densities of fabaceas (19/02/2019)

34- Patrícia Augusto da Silva: Evaluation of arugula cultivars and production of seeds in the organic system (25/02/2019)

35- Elizabete Aparecida Covre: Effect of the 4-ethylphenol on the growth and fermentative capacity of the industrial strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae PE-2 (26/02/2019)

36- Ariane Silva Bosqueiro: Yeasts as Alternaria alternata control agents on tomatoes postharvest: mechanisms, resistance to stresses and formulation (27/03/2019)

37- Francisco José da Silva Neto: Shade trees spatial distribution on coffee bushes physiology and beans quality (26/04/2019)

38- Juliana Uzan: Sugarcane pineapple disease: cultivars reaction, chemical control and pathogenic diversity (22/05/2019)

39- Patricia Herrmann Correa: Evaluation of initial development of maize inoculated with rhizosphere yeast Torulaspora globosa (6S01) in controled conditions (24/05/2019)

40- Bianca Carreiro Cerri: Potential for the use of biodegradable particles of pectin, chitosan and vinasse as agricultural fertilizer (27/05/2019)

41- Carolina Medeiros de Souza: *Molecular diversity and genetic structure of Saccharum complex accessions as revealed by TRAP markers (29/05/2019)

42- José Machado da Silva Neto: Utilization of ethanol as substitute or adjuvant of the sulfuric acid in the cell treatment during alcoholic fermentation contaminated by Lactobacillus fermentum (31/05/2019)

43- Rafael Kupper Moretto: Study of new citrandarins as rootstocks to pera sweet orange (31/05/2019)

44- Naiara Vallado de Almeida: Reproductive biology, gametic and somatic embryogenesis in cultivars of Amaryllis (Hippeastrum spp. Herb.) (17/06/2019)

45- Mauricio Daniel Montaño Saavedra: Integrated process of electrocoagulation and mixotrophic growth of Desmodesmus subspicatus in sugarcane vinasse (25/06/2019)

46- Bruna Aparecida Bettini: Performance of the tahiti acid lime in different rootstocks (26/06/2019)

47- Nágela Gomes Safady: *Distribution and genetic diversity of Xylella fastidiosa associated with olive quick decline in southeastern Brazil (21/08/2019)

48- Wellington Quadros Tanno: Seed storage for sugarcane breeding (28/02/2020)

49- Rachel Cruz Carvalho Tairum: Application of color indices for sugarcane (Saccharum spp.) breeding (29/07/2020)

50- Marcela Martinez: Agronomic, phisical-chemical and sensory evaluation of pepper hybrids (Capsicum chinense Jacquin) (06/08/2020)

51- Caroline Andreatto: Effect of Leifsonia xyli subsp. xyli titer on thermotherapy and stalk weight of three sugarcane cultivars (26/08/2020)

52- Camila Peixoto dos Santos: Agronomic performance and chlorophyll content in the relationship with water absorption in lettuce (27/08/2020)

53- Francisco Inácio Paiva Ferreira: Sequence analysis of limonene synthases genes in citrus genomes (31/08/2020)

54- Victor Ramos Cavalcante: In silico analysis of genes associated with somatic embryogenesis in sugarcane (18/12/2020)

55- Bianca Machado de Lima: Biofortification agronomic of lettuce with zinc in hydroponic cultivation (05/05/2021)

56- Amanda Varano: Effect of 'Fremont' mandarin essential oil in the control of Lactobacillus fermentum in the alcoholic fermentation  (24/06/2021)

57- Camila Rodrigues Carmello: Use of cinnamon extract, clove extract and sodium hypochlorite in the control of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici and Alternaria alternata (28/07/2021)

58- Caio Salvador Noboa: Hydroponic kale: effects of spacings and number of plants per cell (25/08/2021)

59- Gabriela da Costa: Yield and composition of essential oil of tahiti acid lime (Citrus latifolia Tanaka) grafted on 16 rootstock varieties (26/08/2021)

60- Gabrielle Alves Bezerra: Isolation and selection of sugar cane microrganisms with potential to promote vegetable growth (27/08/2021)

61- Fernanda Cristina Carmello: Development of a database for selection of citrus rootstocks in two regions of the state of São Paulo aiming for fruit quality (27/08/2021)

62- Marina Barros Zacharias: Physiological potential and health quality of corn seeds coated with chitosan (26/01/2022)

63- Fernanda Roverssi: Number of seeds in fruits and frequency of hybrids obtained from crossings with IAC 2019Maria mandarin (25/02/2022)