The Graduate Program in Plant Production and Associated Bioprocesses aims to train professionals who, committed to plant production, know how to evaluate the conditioning factors of this production and its quality and their interaction with biological processes (bioprocesses), whether related to the plant production itself or those used in the transformation of the agricultural product, aiming at increases in productivity, efficiency, quality and technological innovation.

The Program is aimed to scientific research in the area of plant production and bioprocesses associated with agriculture and industry, encompassing activities related to the production and quality of the raw material, the agro-industrial process and the quality of the final product obtained, with a view to making products of commercial interest to strengthen and expand production chains in the Brazilian agribusiness. The Program is based on the need to maintain and consolidate the Brazilian agriculture on the world stage, with the main objective of strengthening the Brazilian trade balance.

The professional to be trained will have competence in the Plant Production area and will be able to interface with issues related to the transformation of the raw material and the quality of the final product, with an overview of the production chain. The objective of the Program is to train professionals for research, teaching at higher education and working in the production and transformation sectors.