Interactions among Plants-Microorganisms-Arthropods

Credits: 6

Responsible: Prof. PhD. Márcia Maria Rosa Magri and Prof. PhD. Anne Hackbart de Medeiros

Summary: Ecology of interactions between the plant and arthropods: how does the plant perceive that an invader is attacking it? What are the clues (molecules) that the plant uses to detect this attack? What are the plant clues that the insect uses to detect a host?. Ecology of plant-arthropod interactions with microorganisms: is the microbiota present in insects related to the detection of insect attack by the plant? What are the microorganisms that insects carry for? Where do they originate from? Examples of studies on the functions of the microbiota in plant-arthropod interactions. Main symbiotic interactions between plants and microorganisms: mycorrhizal fungi, nitrogen fixing bacteria, rhizospheric microorganisms and endophytic plant growth promoters. Molecular signals, establishment of symbiosis, induction of systemic resistance, gene expression. Main analysis techniques. Biotechnological applications: production and use of inoculants in the field.